About Us 

At Inclusive Parthways we are committed to providing children, young people and adults with learning difficulties the opportunity to learn, and develop vital skills in an environment that is motivating and caters to their needs.  

We offer saturday clubs and half term clubs to children and young people aged 8-17, which gives them the opportunity to discover new interests, make new friends and build confidence.  We believe social skills are better learnt  through opportunities like these and are valuable skills that can last lifetime.


We offer practical learning opportunities for young adults with learning difficulties, and where possible and appropriate, learning will take place in context. Our aim is to help young adults to grow in confidence, to learn and consolidate key skills that will enable them to lead more independent, active, productive and meaningful lives.  We offer each learner an individualised programme that has been tailored to meet their needs. Programmes are developed in cohesion with parents/guardians and the learners themselves, with an emphasis that is placed on learning and applying skills in the wider community. 


Inclusive Pathways endeavour to provide learners with a challenging, practical, hands on learning programme that incorporates and considers their interests, wishes and aspirations.  All our programmes are based around working in collaboration with our learners, their family and the local community, and aims to teach key and life skills through a more practical and meaningful approach.  


Fundamental to our approach is the belief that relevant social interaction promotes a sense of wellbeing, social acceptance and belonging.