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When you choose Inclusive Pathways for your young adult, you’re choosing to give them the opportunity to live their life to the fullest!  We offer a variety of services to help young people with learning difficulties live the most fulfilling lives as possible. 

We offer the following Programs and Services:

Graduation Hat Throw

Futures Program

The Futures program is a day service for adults with learning disabilities that has a focus on life skills. Our programme of activities is fun, interesting and motivational. We aim to help young adults to maintain, use and develop the skills they learned at school and college and apply them positively in their community.  We are based in Essex and offer full and part time placements for 40 weeks of the year as part our our life skills training programme. 

Forest Hike

P.A Service

We offer an out hours 1:1 support service which allows our young people to take part in activities outside of our futures program.  This gives our young people the support they may need to live more independent lives.

Multiracial teenagers joining hands together in cooperation

Social Clubs

Our Social club runs two evenings a week and offers a chance for our young adults to socialise with their peers. We offer a range of activities both at our Base and out in the community including; Top Golf, Cinema, Game Nights sports activities bowling and many more. We encourage our young people to take part in these evening to help build on their social experiences and friendships.

Social club runs from 4pm-7pm two evenings a week during term time.

Art Fun

Saturday Club

Our Saturday club runs twice a month during term time.  On these days we offer a range of activities that can either take place on location or at our base.  We aim to make these days more relaxed than our normal structured weekdays and will involve our young people in deciding what we do prior to the day.  Saturday club runs from 10am-3pm

Kids Jumping into the Lake

Summer Project

The summer project operates for 3 weeks during the summer holidays and is designed to support families throughout the summer break.  We recognise that the long summer break can be problematic for families and therefore feel this project is vital for both young adults with learning difficulties and their families.

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